Electric Skateboard Reviews



The 21st century brought immense and unimaginable technology evolvements in all sectors. The transportation sector was not left behind. The transport sector has greatly evolved from the use of horses, use of manual bicycles that latter lead to the invention of an electric bicycle. Cars also evolved from slow to very fast and electric cars. Skate propelling also has greatly evolved. It all started with roller brads, then to skateboards.


Skateboards brought another face in the transport sectors, especially for short distance. There has been continuous development in skateboards. This has led to a variety of skates in terms of design, size, and shape. Different designs come with different speed, comfort, and functionality. Some are also designed to be used by children. Other are also made very user-friendly to the extent that it is possible to me ridden by persons with disabilities. The recent designs have seen the achievement of a skateboard that one can easily ride without necessarily having to have much pushing.


In this article, an intense electric skateboard reviews will be done.

Inboard MI skateboard

Inboard MI type of skateboard was one the first skateboards to be developed from the old manual skateboard. The main difference between and electric skateboard and a manual skateboard is simply that an electric skateboard has a motor fitted in the wheel while the manual skateboard, no motor is fitted. The moving of manual skateboard is purely by pushing. The inboard MI type, enables the user to choose what method to use. That is this type of skate enable the user to use the skate without necessarily turning on the motor.

It is built on the simple concept of smooth and continuous flow. You don’t have to stop your skating session because you are out of battery. It has two hubs in number fitted in the rear wheels. This is different from others that are mostly fitted with a belt moving system. It has an amazing braking system and stops much easier. Most important it is Bluetooth enabled, and accelerating and braking are controlled by the Bluetooth device.

Fiik big daddy skateboard

Just like the name suggests it is a big skateboard. It is one of the most amazing variations of a skateboard. It purely is driven by a motor. The most amazing characteristic of this skateboard is that it is designed to perform tarmac and off tarmac sessions. It is possible to enjoy a ride in a grass and rough pavements. A further variation has seen it possible to enjoy a ride in sand. It is fitted with long wheelhouses about three centimeters in radius. The long wheel also adds to clear visibility where riding. It has a wide base thus making it more stable and consequently most preferred to beginners.

It is Bluetooth enabled. The Bluetooth is responsible for accelerating and braking the skate. It has a battery that can do long skating hours (up to 5 hours). It is enabled with a three-speed setting that is clearly visible on the Bluetooth controller.

Yuneec E-GO

This is considered as the cheapest skateboard in the market. It is simple to charge and offer quick charging service. For forty-five minutes the battery is full. It is unbelievable. When fully charges, it can also be used to charge your phone. It is fitted with a wireless controller and enables to user to accelerate and brake smoothly. The level of charge in the skateboard can be checked from the phone. The phone can also be used as the controller. It gives smooth and continuous flow. The only disadvantage of this type of skateboard is that it is relatively slow especially when charging the rider’s phone


In conclusion, the different designs of skateboards bring along different preferences and specs. Go for that skateboard that fits your need. Most importantly remember that the technology is changing and evolving. Visit your dealer or supply for an update on the most recent development on your skateboard of your choice. Don’t go for the cheap one, go for one that the price is justified. Click on https://electricskateboardreviews.net for you to see the most amazing motorized electric skateboards in the market.