Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

If you’ve just moved in or looking for a quick home fix to transform your home; then you are in the right place. There are well-known interior design tricks that designers use that you too can easily employ with minimal cost and effort — the author of this guide notes that the smallest things that you do make a significant impact. It can be an addition of a painting, mirror, or even a plant. The following are interior design tricks that you can use to transform your home.

Paint the Rooms

Look for softer and lighter colors to paint the small rooms to make them feel more significant than before — one of the ideal rooms that you can paint and see a change in the living room. Light colored walls and use of mirrors reflect the natural light and give the room an optical illusion of space. This makes the room appear more significant than it.

Use Decorative Mirrors

As seen above, mirrors make a small space feel large mirrors added to a larger room increases the amount of natural light and add instant radiance to your living space. For the decorative mirrors, they add a lieu of art to your living space.

Mix Up Textures and Patterns

Most interior designers will tell you that decorating your home reflects who you are as well as your personality. The old fabric on your desk passed to you by your grandfather tells a story of your past. This also applies for the modern couch that you recently added to the living room. The history and present can co-exist beautifully together to transform your home.

Use Wicker Baskets

The wicker baskets are an elegant and economical way of adding storage space to any room. Baskets serve as excellent storage areas for architectural, display books, and décor magazines. You can place the wicker baskets on the counter-tops in the kitchen to store and beautifully display fruits and vegetables.

Use Anything You Have to Decorate

You probably have your possession packed up somewhere in boxes, and most likely you have never considered them to be a valuable possession. Instead of running to a store nearby you, look at what you can use from your stuff. You can hang your plates on the wall to come up with beautiful wall art or even use your kid’s art books to design beautiful wall art. There is more you can do with your stuff that will leave you amazed.

Go Green

Plants or flowers will never disappoint. They offer an economical means of accessorizing your space by adding color. Add them to every room whether small or large. Plants not only accessorize your home but also balance humidity in your home.

Use Rugs and Carpets

The hardwood floors can sometimes be annoying and hard to walk on. Use mats to soften them and add color and personality. Remember to use different fabrics and patterns to showcase your style and personality. Due to the full range of carpet options available, you have endless possibilities to choose. The options allow you to change the carpet to reflect any season. For instance, the warmer tones for cooler months while the lighter ones for the warm season.