Early Childhood: Parenting Tips to Know


For many men and women, their perspective changes when they become parents, or perhaps even the moment they know they will become parents. There is another person that you are responsible for you in your life now; children and their early childhood life. You will want to ensure that deep in mummy matters, they have everything they need.

The Importance of Creating Good Childhood Memories


Now is the time to plan for every eventuality. It’s not enough to make sure your children are fed and clothed, or that they can go to an excellent college and engage in their favorite activities. We also need to plan for their future, whatever it may be. And, while it may not be the greatest thing to think about, we need to make a plan and make sure there will be someone there to take care of them.

Pieces of Advice

You have to feel inside all the time. We’ve always let our kids make all the big decisions we’ve made, they’ve figured out how to buy a house, they know how to be frugal when they need to be, and they know how to run a business because we’ve always been open and honest with them and showed them how the real world works. I know that when the time comes, my kids will be ready to venture out and enjoy the world at large.


My children were very young when we left their grandparents, but they remember them in the stories I tell them. One day they will pass on the stories of our loved ones for their children to cherish. I hope, of course, to be there for them for many decades to come. I have stories, memories, and suggestions to share on various future occasions. I hope they will remember my words and perhaps talk about them with their children.

My Wishes

I want it to be as simple as possible for them. I want them to be able to understand what I am wishing for. I want to save them the burden of jumping to conclusions about what they assume I would have wanted. I’m going to have them write it down, and when the time is right, we’ll talk together about the dreams I have for myself. My children know what I want for them. I want them to have love and joy. I want them to feel good about themselves. I want them to have the interesting and effective life they could have. I want them to be responsible and honest adults.

My Regrets

I regret not going to the place that sparked my curiosity, I regret staying in a job I hated for at least ten years, and I regret making decisions based on peer pressure. I want my children to know that I am not happy with the decisions I have made throughout my life, and I want them to know what I wanted to do and how I changed some of those things. I have regrets and, I want my kids to know that it’s okay to have doubts. It’s okay to change your life and not do everything you wanted to do.

These are the things I want my kids to know. When they were little, I wrote it all down in a journal that will be theirs someday. But I’m not going to wait for that afternoon. We need to leave our children knowing they are ready and with our thoughts and desire to drag them along.