A Buying Guide for a Mountain Bike

mountain bike

People uses mountain bikes for adventure. Buying one can enrich your life with excitement. You should buy a bike that meets all your needs. A beautiful cross country trail bike is ideal for a starter. Beginners are advised to find about the riding terrain in their vicinity. You can learn more about these bikes by reading the available mountain bike reviews.

Purchasing a new mountain bike is a worthy investment. First, you should plan how to use it. You can buy it for cycling to work, for family road trips, for building your fitness level or for your weekend excursions. The amount of money that you are willing to budget on a bike will depend on how often you are going to use it. The average cost of a new mountain bike ranges from 200-3,000 USD.

Main Types of Mountain Bikes

There are three main types of mountain bikes. These include full suspension, rigid and hardtails mountain bikes.


Initially, these used to be the most famouhandtails bikes mountain bikes. They are designed with a suspension fork which is attached to its front wheel. They don’t have a rear suspension. These bikes are lighter as compared to the other types of MBs. This has made them more ideal for climbing and negotiating technical, tough terrain including rough and boulder surfaces. Hardtails are elements options for the beginners. You can also find pros or advanced users who are competing with hardtails.


The frames of these bikes do not have suspension. Their tires are well designed to provide a high degree of cushioning. These bikes are perfect for smooth rides. Anyone who is strong and fit enough can use these bikes.

Full Suspension

These mtb’s are designed with both rear and front suspension. They have a front suspension which is similar to that of hardtails and a rear one which is but on their frames. They come with a pivoting arm which is attached to their rear wheels. This set has a great weight and cost. Its full suspension system is helpful in reducing the rider’s fatigue and adding comfort.

Components of a Mountain Bike

This refers to the different parts which are attached to the frame. Thmountain bike-componentsey include:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension system
  • Drivetrain (chain, gear shifters, crank arms, rear cassette, derailleurs, and front chainrings)
  • Wheels (spokes, hubs, axles, rims)

The frame of a bike is well-designed to support the weight of the bike and that of the rider. They are made of high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, steel, titanium, or aluminium alloy.