Tips for Curing Your Tobacco at Home

tobacco leaves

You will read plenty of poor tips concerning the problem of curing your tobacco. Usually, the curing process is essentially the drying of tobacco in a reasonably controlled atmosphere. If you want to make a product similar to Odens snus, stay tuned as we will talk about picking and curing tobacco leaves for your personal use.cigars

Pick Mature Leaves

To treat or cure your tobacco, you have to select it keenly. If you are not in a hurry, take your time and choose the leaves as they come prepared. Round the time that blossom heads begin to form, and the tobacco shrubs are fully grown, the base leaves will be ready. When they show signs of yellowing, then pluck them.

Hang the Leaves to Dry

tobacco powderPick the ready leaves and then cut a slit near the stem end of every leaf’s middle rib. Pass a string through those slits so that the leaves hang down about an inch apart. Hang these someplace to dry out. If they are too dry, they will get fragile, and if too damp, they will rot. If it seems like your leaves are getting to be too brittle, move them someplace cooler or spray them with water.

Keep choosing the leaves off the plant within the upcoming weeks, should you believe that they are mature. If you do not get it precisely right, it is going to affect the final product. I recommend that you pick mature leaves only. Additionally, it provides the young leaves an opportunity to develop a little more.

Be Patient

Time is thought to cure everything, and tobacco requires time too. I have discovered that one year is quite sufficient. Some cure it for around three weeks, in which time it’s both a wonderful color and feel. You can also choose to toss the leaves in a food processor and then liquefy it until the fineness suits you. This also has the benefit that if you feel the tobacco leaf was a little too tender, or you also would like to boost the flavor, you can add honey or alcohol.